A Microscope Born To Travel
built for performing MSICS
anywhere on the globe
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Innovative LED Lighting
stay independent of
the electrical grid
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Under 50 pounds with case
Pelican strong
Airline friendly
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Travel Friendly

The EPIC microscope is the most mobile high quality microscope available today.

Innovative LED system

Our custom LED system will run for over 20 hours on the included battery.

EPIC Video Package

Our lightweight video recording / teaching package records in 4K and voice activated.

What We Offer

EPIC Microscope

The LED powered EPIC scope is 47 pounds including a hearty Pelican travel case.

EPIC Video System

The EPIC video recording and teaching system weights 3 pounds and runs on battery.

EPIC Surgeon's Stool

The EPIC surgeon's stool is comfortable, foot adjustable, and portable in a bag for travel.

EyeMobil Innovations was formed

to create affordable innovations to care for the world's blind poor

About Us

eyeMobil Innovations grew out of the need to improve the portable product market for eyecare professionals doing humanitarian work.  The need for a high quality airplane friendly truly portable microscope was evident from our beginning and has been the center for our innovation.  Other products that support ophthalmic surgeons have followed.

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