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Hear What Ophthalmologists Are Saying

The scope was absolutely fantastic. I was able to do 140 cases in Ghana without any vitreous loss. Keep up the great work!! Geoff Tabin, MD Himalayan Cataract Project
It works great. It is very useful. It's lightweight, good optics, wide field, good red reflex. I really like it. It has lots of mag powers. I think it is a great scope!Udo Duerksen, MD Paraguay
I've used the Safari O-Pro in Haiti during development. I asked eyeMobil to add a footpedal controlled fine focus and they responded to create this as a feature to add to the usability of their product!! I've ordered my first scope for October 2015.David Brown, MD Vision Outreach International
HelpMeSee is committed to the teaching MSICS around the world. I'm excited for the contribution that eyeMobil is bringing and look forward to using this product!Glenn Strauss, MD HelpMeSee

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At eyeMobil Innovations we consider each feature and design according to our customer feedback. Our signature microscope is in it's 9th iteration due to changes that have been made with each trial.  Please contact us to let us know what your needs are.