We are conducting a survey for all of our users to help improve our product line.  The pandemic has given us extra time to advance many areas within our microscope pipeline including:

  1. Automated Z focus with wireless footpedal
  2. Automated XY module with wireless footpedal
  3. An integrated beamsplitter and video adapter to allow easier and lighter video options
  4. Additional mounting options for the EPIC microcope including a wetlab version
  5. An expanded line of EPIC stools including canvas seat options
  6. A "easy change" LED option for making changing the LED bulb a fast operation

These new innovations are all being released for the fall of 2021.

If you have used or purchased any product from eyeMobil, we would ask for you to fill out our survey to help us even more for the future.

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The EPIC Wetlab setup is new as of spring 2021.   This slimmed down version of our popular EPIC microscope comes packed in a Seahorse case which is easy to transport or take a checked luggage on an airplane.  The microscope is easy and quick to adjust for any height of surgical simulator or wetlab eye model and runs off of 110 V or 12V battery just like the EPIC II microscope.  

wetlab scope small

 epicii backThe EPIC II microscope was released in January 2019 and is being used for cataract missions in operating rooms all around the world.   The EPIC II is our second generation portable microscope which has been vetted by 100s of ophthalmologists and used for 1000s of cataract surgeries.      Most all of the improvements in this generation were stimulated by changes requested by our ophthalmologist users.   



epic batteryOne of the most innovative parts of our EPIC system is our custom LED lighting system.  You will find that the color temperature of the LED is virtually identical to the Halogen system that you are used to.  In addition, it is low power consuming and allows the EPIC microscope to run nearly 24 hours straight on our battery power.

The battery may be charged at the end of the day or during the day while using the microscope however, if the power does go out, there is not even a flicker of your lighting since the battery continues to power the microscope.  In addition, the microscope can be powered by a car battery with our 12V battery connector cable.