epicii in use 2022We are happy to announce that there is now a way to try out the EPIC II portable surgical microscope before you might consider a purchase.  eyeMobil has partnered with Vision Outreach International to provide an EPIC II microscope with our integrated video system for international mission work.    If you have interest in this, please view the details for scope rental usage.

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Enbio S sterilizerIn 2023, we introduced the Enbio-S sterilizer to the eyeMobil users.   We are excited to be able to provide the world's fastest vacuum steam sterilizer for ophthalmologists that is truly portable!! 

The Enbio-S fits a full single level tray of ophthalmology instruments and can process them in just 7 minutes (unwrapped instruments including drying time) or 15 minutes for wrapped instruments.  In addition, our experience has shown that the Enbio-S uses 1/3 of the water that a Statim does per cycle.

We are happy to announce a very special promotion for a limited time (for purchases made by the end of February 2024) involving the Enbio-S sterilizer for $3399.

For each purchase of the Enbio-S sterilizer before March 1st, we will send a new Vision Keys Digital Visual Acuity System for just $300. (savings of $1199 for US office pricing or savings of $650 for mission pricing)  This is a special offer with the purpose of getting the Vision Keys system in your hands to try.  (only one unit at this price per sterilizer purchased)

The Vision Keys Acuity System has been developed for use in any ophthalmology or optometry office in the world and has been developed specifically to be used to be language independent for use in any country.   Optotypes included are:  Snellen/sloan, Numbers, Tumbling E, Landolt C, Allen figures and HOTV.    The system includes a 15.6" touchscreen tablet with software and keypad, and includes a wall mount or desk top mount.


     Vision Keys front view     Vision Keys Keypad     Vision Keys side view

butterfly eyesMany of you know about the Butterfly handheld portable ultrasound which attaches to a phone or tablet.  We have been using the unit for screening of thousands of patients in Sudan and other countries prior to cataract surgery to  avoid unecessary surgery.  Our teams that we work with have found it to be a very helpful, quick, reliable device to add to the mission.  

This device has been developed by 3 MIT PhD students and has been very popular around the globe with many different specialities including Ob/Gyn, Vascular, Emergency Room, Family Practice and more.  We believe that its use in ophthalmology is critical and this product fits every part of our EPIC designation (economical, portable, innovative and compact)

Beginning in 2023, eyeMobil has been partnering with Frimen, a quality manufacturer of titanium surgical instruments.  We have customized an instrument set for MSICS that has the most common instruments that are used:

  • 0.12 forceps
  • Wescott scissors
  • Utrada forceps
  • McPherson lens forceps
  • Sinskey hook
  • Long vannas scissors
  • Locking needle driver
  • Iris repositor
  • Irrigating vectis
  • Lens Loop
  • Simcoe irrigator
  • Lieberman lid speculum
 frimen msics set

Instead of paying $500+ for each instrument, each of these instruments and the sterlizing tray is available for $700.  In addition, the specific instruments can be customized

Enbio S isolated 3





eyeMobil is excited to now carry the Enbio-S Sterlizer!  Priced at nearly half of a new Statim, it will perform seamlessly for your sterilization needs.   The Enbio-S Sterilizer is perfect for ensuring quick and reliable sterilizing for your next mission or for your in office procedures in the US.  The Enbio-S sterilizer is a Swiss made, portable and rapid vacuum steam sterilizer and is FDA approved.