The idea for a better portable microscope has been born out of necessity as the airline industry has continued to decrease the size and weight requirements for luggage.  In the past, the way weight has been addressed is to consider a table mounted microscope or a Tripod floor system.  Both of these styles have their issues and at the beginning we decided that neither of these mounting systems was desired.

 bladder2Our easily movable floor stand has high quality locking wheels that give our microscope the flexibility and efficiency needed for high volume surgery in unusual settings.



Other key components of an innovative microscope is one that doesn't falter during power outages.  While using our system, there isn't even a hiccup if the power flickers or fails completely.  Our microscope lighting will continue on for up to 20 hours on battery power but will recharge as soon as the power (110V / 220V) is restored.  In settings where no electricity is available, an optional car battery connector is available.  epicii back



The ability to monitor an intraocular case is important both for teaching and for ancillary scrub staff who wish to be right in step with their surgeon.  We have spent a special consideration for an innovative, lightweight and easy to use video monitoring and recording system.  epicii w videoThis system allows full HD audio and video recording of any case and is also able to be run off of battery power.

 eyeMobil Innovations is committed to the highest quality portable microscope that is affordable and easy to use.