The CataRhex 3 is the perfect phaco unit for the mission field!   This robust unit has proven it's worth over many years and by many many surgeons.    My experience with the CataRhex 3 dates back to 2013 with using it for the first time in Ecuador.  What I was amazed at was my ability to use the machine without complications without even having a company representative there in the field to walk me through the use.  (A local distributor did review the settings with me in Quito initially)

catarhex3 pilot case

Qualities that make the CataRhex 3 something to consider as your next phaco machine

  • Compact and portable nature
  • Reusable tubing
  • Reliability and Durability
  • Amazing performance
  • Ease of Use
  • Ability to put on any IV pole
  • Ability to do anterior vitrectomy
  • Diathermy
  • Swiss engineering

butterfly eyesMany of you know about the Butterfly handheld portable ultrasound which attaches to a phone or tablet.  We have been using the unit for screening of thousands of patients in Sudan and other countries prior to cataract surgery to  avoid unecessary surgery.  Our teams that we work with have found it to be a very helpful, quick, reliable device to add to the mission.  

This device has been developed by 3 MIT PhD students and has been very popular around the globe with many different specialities including Ob/Gyn, Vascular, Emergency Room, Family Practice and more.  We believe that its use in ophthalmology is critical and this product fits every part of our EPIC designation (economical, portable, innovative and compact)

Enbio S isolated 3





eyeMobil is excited to now carry the Enbio-S Sterlizer!  Priced at nearly half of a new Statim, it will perform seamlessly for your sterilization needs.   The Enbio-S Sterilizer is perfect for ensuring quick and reliable sterilizing for your next mission or for your in office procedures in the US.  The Enbio-S sterilizer is a Swiss made, portable and rapid vacuum steam sterilizer and is FDA approved.