Beginning in 2023, eyeMobil has been partnering with Frimen, a quality manufacturer of titanium surgical instruments.  We have customized an instrument set for MSICS that has the most common instruments that are used:

  • 0.12 forceps
  • Wescott scissors
  • Utrada forceps
  • McPherson lens forceps
  • Sinskey hook
  • Long vannas scissors
  • Locking needle driver
  • Iris repositor
  • Irrigating vectis
  • Lens Loop
  • Simcoe irrigator
  • Lieberman lid speculum
 frimen msics set

Instead of paying $500+ for each instrument, each of these instruments and the sterlizing tray is available for $700.  In addition, the specific instruments can be customized

VK system

The Vision Keys Digital Visual Acuity System is being released November 2023 for our global community.  Vision Keys has been developed over 3 years and has been tested in a busy multiple satellite office clinic with over 80 lanes.  

Vision Keys stands out for it's ease of use and attractive pricepoint for a full featured digital visual acuity system including hardware compared to it's competitors.

Features of Vision Keys include:

• Compact Universal Portable Digital Visual Acuity System
• Works in any language 
• Custom compact wireless keypad controller 
• Snellen, New VK Numbers, Tumbling E, Landolt C, Allen figures and HOTV 
• Feet or Meters; Mirrored or Nonmirrored lanes 
• Vesa mount for wall or table top placement  
• Easy lane size calibration from 5 feet to 25 feet