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Scan Optics  Opmi 1  Opmi 6 


We are happy to share that we now have new LED conversion kits for the Zeiss Opmi 1, Zeiss Opmi 6 and Scan Optics microscopes!!   These handy kits allow one to easily change out the old Halogen lighting system for a lightweight, low amperage LED system which can be easily powered with a battery power bank from 9V to 32V effectively shielding your microscope usage during surgery from power grid outages.


If you have an older microscope that you would like to convert, please send us an image of the microscope to ensure that our system will work for your microscope.   The Zeiss Opmi-1 and the Zeiss Opmi-6 come in two different versions and we need to see which one you have.    These kits are available in 2023.    If you have interest, please email us at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.